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Produced by: IEEE GlobalSpec Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology simplifies enterprise and datacenter building infrastructure, enabling power delivery over network cables to provide data connectivity and power supply with a single cable… Read more
High speed data (greater than 1Mb/sec) in digital systems requires precise cable electrical performance. This article examines what determines capacitance in a cable and how it affects system performance. High Speed Digital Systems and… Read more
New testing indicates that a majority of Cat 6 and 6a patch cords are marginal or failing — 18 years after original testing showed the same result. Quabbin Wire & Cable repeats a 2003 study and the results may surprise you By Jim… Read more
In the cabling of a network, humble patch cords are often considered a minor but necessary component whose performance is not all that important. After all, they are only a few inches or a few meters long, so how much damage could they do?… Read more
Produced by: IEEE Globalspec Media Solutions DataMax Mini-28 AWG stranded plenum patch cable meets the loss-prevention requirements of insurance companies, as well as the demands of Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections short-space cables,… Read more
Much of the newest audio and visual (A/V) hardware is digital rather than analog, providing benefits of faster processing speeds, lower cost connectivity, improved reliability, less noise, and truer reproduction. This article discusses various… Read more
As a manufacturer of high end data cable Quabbin is often asked the question, “Can we use a Category cable to extend our T1 service from the telephone company demarc (demarcation) point to our own internal equipment?” Well you can, but that… Read more
This technical brief describes how to substitute horizontal cable with patch cable while complying with industry standard channel requirements to ensure network performance.  This includes replacing the channel completely with patch cable.… Read more
There seems to have always been differences of opinion when it comes to certain topics, be it politics, sports and even which drive-through has the best coffee. Another age old argument that we face as a high-end data cable producer is… Read more
Industrial Ethernet (IE) network cabling must transmit high speed data signals with 100% reliability in hazardous environments. Quabbin Wire’s DataMax® Extreme cables are available with three different jackets, each providing a… Read more
Testing of open-market Cat 5e and 6 patch cords proved that 70% and respectively, fail to meet the TIA’s performance requirements. Cord buyers should demand actual test data. Reasons for Test Program Most people associated with the LAN… Read more
Quabbin Wire & Cable tested the performance of LAN premise systems at extended frequencies. This article describes that program and the conclusions. The surprising result was that system return loss and impedance stability are critically… Read more
When bonds are too rigid, the result can be ‘break’ up and disappointment… THE CASE AGAINST BONDED PAIRS This sounds like a cheap self-help book for relationships, doesn’t it? Let me assure you, this isn’t about dating or… Read more
Designing cabling solutions for industrial applications presents a myriad of challenges. The industrial environment is unforgiving. Handling is rough, exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents degrade cables causing failures, and it is an… Read more
This article describes the differences in both environment and system requirements, compared to a commercial or office network and introduces DataMax® Extreme cables. Industrial Ethernet Topology Most proprietary industrial control systems… Read more
Quabbin Wire’s DataMax® Extreme polyurethane cable, designed for manufacturing industrial Ethernet cords, provides many benefits. The resulting cables are very flexible, have outstanding electrical performance, aging characteristics,… Read more
Return loss is an important new test measurement for local area networks, especially those migrating to higher speed protocols. Here’s proof that high quality DataMax 6 patch cords actually improve LAN channel performance for more… Read more
This article outlines why higher data speeds, longer distances, “balanced circuits” and electrically “noisy” environments often require cables with enhanced performance characteristics. Data Pulses Through Cable Digital data in a cable is… Read more
Produced by: Engineering 360 Media Solutions There is little doubt that the internet of things (IoT) is well on its way to transforming how we live, work and do business. Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications are rampant, delivering low… Read more
European Union Directive (2002/95/EC), commonly known as RoHS, became effective July 1, 2006. This article provides background information related to RoHS, the requirements, and Quabbin Wire’s on-going program for compliance. Background… Read more