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Your Wire and Cable Partner

Choose Quabbin—the Stranded Data Cable Experts

Choose Quabbin for the total value we provide through product consistency and service quality.  

At Quabbin, our focus is on being the industry leader and manufacturing the best and most reliable cable on the market. Our advanced design, manufacturing, and customer service bring you world-class cable for automation, harsh environment, commercial data, and low voltage electrical and electronic applications.  

Our cable is manufactured in a single U.S. facility and constructed to industry standards with proprietary, high-speed equipment. Advanced, real-time process controls monitor quality and dimensional integrity throughout the manufacturing cycle. This establishes a foundation of quality at the beginning of the cable supply chain and contributes to assembly cost control by increasing yield and reducing rework and scrap.  

We believe we only succeed when our customers succeed, and will partner with you to address your design, processing, and delivery needs. Cable design experts and sales representatives are easily accessible and welcome feedback and suggestions. Our ISO 9001 quality system ensures superior lot traceability, consistency, and customer focus. With inventory stocked throughout North America, ordering and delivery are quick and easy.   

Quabbin has been the trusted choice of assemblers, OEMs, and cable distributors for five decades. Choose Quabbin — your wire and cable partner.