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Thermal Tests

Exposure to time can take its toll on everything. Since there is no way to slow down time, we have shifted focus to slowing down deterioration and the aging process. Testing is administered to see how our cables withstand the test of time.

Air Oven

Air oven

Performs accelerated aging tests per UL/CSA procedure (ex. 7 days @ 136°C for 105°C rating).  We’re not baking cookies in this oven, we’re baking cable! Sometimes customers need to know how long a cable is going to last when exposed to one of the “big killers”….time.  When a product has a life expectancy of 10 years, typically speaking, the manufacturer didn’t monitor the product for 10 years before releasing it for sale. Instead, they use good engineering practices, mathematical calculations and a handy lab tool like an air oven. Without getting to deep into the recipe, if you expose the cable to a certain heat for a certain time at a specific humidity, each hour of exposure will represent a calculated number of years of life expectancy under typical operating conditions. When we pull a batch of cable out of our air oven it may not look good enough to eat, but we make sure it still tests good enough to perform the intended purpose. Download Quabbin Thermal Test Report.