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Breakthrough solutions for today’s problems

There is an overwhelming need for everything to be faster, connected, efficient and smart.

Keeping up with these increasing demands requires new and innovative products. Quabbin® is embracing the future and proudly offers cutting edge cabling solutions for today and tomorrow.

Industry need: Smaller patch cables for high density patching applications

Quabbin Solution
DataMax Mini 6 UTP 28 AWG Patch Cable

  • 68% the size of standard Cat 6
  • 48% smaller cross-sectional area

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Industry need: Smaller patch cables that still have the protection of a shield

Quabbin Solution
DataMax Mini 6a F/UTP 28 AWG Patch cable

  • 78% the size of standard Cat 6a
  • 62% smaller cross-sectional area
  • Patent pending spline-free design
  • Tight bend radius

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Industry need: Patch cable that meets TIA requirements but has the advantage of flexibility and workability

Quabbin Solution
DataMax Relaxed F/UTP fully compliant patch cord

  • provides protection of F/UTP with the feel of a UTP

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Industry need: Detroit automotive maker needed Profinet® cable that was oil and weld spatter resistant.

Quabbin Solution
Custom Profinet® cable

Quabbin created a 22 gauge two pair foil and braid shielded Profinet cable with our TPE cable jacket that is oil, UV and weld spatter resistant

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