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Quabbin’s cables are tested and verified to meet various safety and quality parameters established by UL, ETL, and CSA.  In addition to initial testing and evaluation, follow up service inspections are conducted to ensure the commitment to quality is being demonstrated and maintained resulting in end-user confidence in a certified product.

The following are Quabbin Wire & Cable file numbers and applicable ratings with UL.  You can also search them by visiting the UL website.

E69976 Various UL AWM Styles
E118830 (UL) or C(UL)US Type CM, CMG, CMH (Canada ONLY), CMR, CMP, CMX, CMX Outdoor, CMX Outdoor-CM, CMX Outdoor-CMR, (may include — ST1 (US ONLY), SUN RES)
E247880 (UL) Type ITC
E70148 (UL) Type CL2, CL2R, CL2X, CL2P, CL3, CL3R, CL3X, PLTC, (may include SUN RES, OIL RES I, OIL RES II, -ER, DIRECT BURIAL, -40C, FT-4/IEEE 1202)
E70149 (UL) Type FPL
E173319 Processed Wire

*All Markings listed in this table are dependent upon individual cable constructions and materials to meet the rating requirements. 

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