DataMax® Commercial Ethernet Patch Cable

DataMax® Patch Cable is Precision Engineered to the Highest Standards — Yours.

For years cable companies marketed what they had available for patching applications. The choices were either cross-talk sensitive silver satin or a fragile, flex adverse solid conductor. Both were mediocre at best, but due to the lack of a better solution they were reluctantly accepted by system designers. In an effort to fill the void, Quabbin® developed a flexible precision bulk patch cord to forever replace the repurposed products — the world’s first verified, stranded, twisted pair, Category patch cable. Not only is Quabbin® patch cable proven to deliver component compliant performance, it’s so good it has been known to ‘lend’ its headroom to the system, often bringing a subpar channel into compliance.

Quabbin®’s leadership continues today with a full range of standard and specialty patch cable offerings, including commercial Category 5E, 6 and 6a as well as versions suitable for harsh environments.

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