Breakthrough DataMax® 6 Patch Cable Introduced

February 2002

Quabbin Wire & Cable, one of North America's largest patch cable manufacturers, has introduced a stranded patch cable specifically designed for use with the very best Category 6 hardware and horizontal cable systems. The cable is electrically tuned to provide outstanding channel attenuation, return loss, and crosstalk at the highest frequencies.

Patch cords assembled using this new stranded cable design typically provide 1 - 2 dB improvement in channel attenuation coupled with significant crosstalk noise reduction. This produces positive ACR (Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio) channel performance at frequencies that often exceed 375 MHz. Positive ACR at higher frequencies yields fewer bit errors, greater channel throughput, and improved network performance margin.

This new patch cable uses superior design and process control to deliver high performance for less expense without relying on bonded pairs, internal splines, or other non-conventional constructions. Earlier designs provided improved performance for legacy Category 5, newer Category 5e, as well as initial Category 6 networks. This breakthrough DataMax 6 patch cable is specifically designed to operate with and extend the bandwidth (positive ACR) performance of the newest Category 6 premise systems intended for applications beyond 1000Base-T or Gigabit Ethernet.

In addition to the above electrical improvements, Quabbin's newest DataMax 6 stranded patch cable has important physical enhancements as well. These result in a cable with a smoother cosmetically appealing appearance, as well as improved electrical stability. Patch cords assembled with this cable are thus even more resistant to degradation when subjected to bending, repeated flexure, or other mechanical stress.

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