Select one of these five methods to obtain detailed product information

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A. I know the Quabbin P/N I need.   Type in the 3 or 4-digit P/N.  Ignore the first digit if zero.

  Quabbin Stock List  (Adobe Acrobat Brochure)

B. I have a competitive P/N that I want to cross-reference* to Quabbin.

*Cross referencing should be used as a guide only. Compare detailed specifications carefully. There may be subtle construction differences.

4 to 6 digit Belden P/N (Click for Belden Cross-Reference List )
4 digit Carol P/N  (Do not use prefix letter 'C')
4 to 7 digit Alpha P/N  (Do not use suffix letter 'C')
5 digit Manhattan P/N  (Do not use prefix letter 'M')

C. I can describe the cable design that I need.

D. I can describe the cable application.

E. I need to discuss this application with a real person.