Process Engineering Technician

Job Description

Provides technical assistance for continual improvement of manufacturing processes. Monitors work in process as required to ensure that product, process performance goals are met.  Interfaces with QA, Manufacturing and Maintenance to continually improve production processes.   

  1. Performs visual inspection and monitoring of production processes to confirm that parameters critical to product performance are met.
  2. Assists with projects for continual improvement of processes.
  3. Works with Maintenance to effect process modifications for new and existing products.
  4. Assists with process troubleshooting and corrective actions.
  5. Designs and builds mechanical test fixtures for cable development and testing.
  6. Performs verification of process start-ups.
  7. Assists with process qualifications.
  8. Assists in the sourcing and installation of peripheral process equipment.
  9. Performs electrical and mechanical tests on materials as needed for process improvement initiatives and as backup to quality assurance personnel.
  10. Provides data collection and analysis.
  11. Inspects incoming raw materials for prototype runs as required.
  12. Assists in preparation and maintenance of engineering and quality-related documentation.
  13. Assists in training key operations personnel and trainers in new products/processes.
  14. Assists in maintenance of monitoring equipment.


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent
  2. 2 years’ experience in technical manufacturing or engineering
  3. Strong mechanical aptitude
  4. Solid math skills and aptitude
  5. Effective interpersonal communication ability (email, instructions, questioning, training etc.)
  6. Good computer skills or aptitude; familiarity with Windows, Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and CAD software
  7. Effective documentation and writing skills
  8. Strong work ethic; ability to maintain high productivity with limited supervision
  9. Accuracy and attention to detail
  10. Demonstrated time management skills
  11. Familiarity with root cause analysis and problem-solving tools
  12. Research experience; accessing, compiling and prioritizing data to solve problems
  13. Familiarity with Lean Manufacturing principles and ISO 9000 standards
  14. Experience with statistics and statistical process control is a plus
  15. Wire and cable experience is a plus.
  16. Engineering/Technical course work (college level) is desirable.

Please include a cover letter that tells us something more about you and your career goals.

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